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Our Beliefs & Mission

Outward Expressions Art Ministries believes in one God—Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit.

The mission of Outward Expressions Art Ministries is to share the love of Jesus Christ to individuals in surrounding cities, states, and other nations through means of Christ focused, guided art activities. Read more.

Our Story

At the routine 16-week prenatal exam, Garrett and Emily found out that their daughter, Faith, had passed away.

In the middle of the pain and heartache of their loss, Garrett planned a date night for Emily to help them both be able to process through some of their emotions. Garrett, led by the Holy Spirit, wrote various Scripture-based prompts for them to pray and think through. Each prompt was tied to an expressive painting action.

When they finished, Emily said, “I think everyone could use something like this.”

That date night on May 24, 2022 led to the vision for Outward Expressions Art Ministries.

Our Team

Garrett Bosse

Garrett Bosse

Founder, President

Garrett is married to Emily, and together they have three children. He is an engineer by trade and loves to spend time gardening and woodworking. Garrett is always helping others and serves as part of the deacon body, as well as many other roles, at his local church. People in Garrett’s life would describe him as someone who continually puts Christ first, prays fervently, and loves others well. His favorite scripture is John 16:33.

Emily Bosse

Emily Bosse

Co-Founder, Secretary

Emily and Garrett are high school sweethearts and were married in 2015. She is a registered nurse but mostly uses her skills at home with her three children. Emily enjoys baking, playing music, caring for their pet chickens, and running when she has time. She is always helping others and is intentional in her relationships with those around her. People in Emily’s life would describe her as someone who is kindhearted, loving, loyal, and serves others selflessly. Her favorite scripture is Romans 12:2.

LeeAnna Rhyne

LeeAnna Rhyne

Vice President

LeeAnna has been married to her best friend, Jared, since 2015. She worked in the Alabama Early Intervention System as a service coordinator for five years before using her child development background at home with her two children. LeeAnna is a local acrylic artist and loves creating custom pieces for others. She enjoys reading, singing, the outdoors, and spending time with her family. People in LeeAnna’s life would describe her as someone who is caring, creative, and selfless. Her favorite scripture is Isaiah 43:1-2.

Danny Terral

Danny Terral


Danny is husband to Amy, dad to Ben and Hallie, and “Papa Dan” to Lola, Lavi, and Grey. He is passionate about accounting, discipleship, missions, and singing. Danny believes the ministry of Outward Expressions impacts people in a unique, powerful way and is grateful to be part of its leadership team. People in Danny’s life would describe him as someone who greets you with a smile, is always happy, and makes everyone feel welcome. Currently, his favorite scripture is Romans 12:2.

Tyler Delano

Tyler Delano

Media Director

Tyler is married to DeLena, and they are expecting their first child in January 2024. He is a software engineer and loves gardening, traveling, and learning new things. Tyler has a passion for cooking and enjoys trying new recipes. He loves working behind the scenes in many different capacities at his local church. People in Tyler’s life would describe him as someone who is easy going, reliable, and thoughtful. His favorite scripture is John 30:3.

Delena Delano

Delena Delano

Marketing Director

DeLena and Tyler have been married since 2018, and have a baby boy on the way. She is a marketing and media specialist. DeLena loves spending time with their cat, Jade, and organizing their home. She enjoys creating flower arrangements for family and friends in her spare time. People in DeLena’s life would describe her as someone who is dependable, friendly, and loves helping others. Her favorite scripture is  Numbers 6:24-26.

Jessie Jacobs

Jessie Jacobs

Relations & Resource Specialist

Jessie is a wife to Josh and mom of two. She is a clinical social worker with ten years of experience in ministry and five years of experience in faith-based nonprofit work. Jessie loves all things creative. People in Jessie’s life would describe her as loyal, musical, and very intentional. Her favorite scripture is Matthew 6:33.


Brett & Sarah

It was amazing to see what the Lord guided each of us to express through our paintings! Through each prompt, we were able to express aspects of our faith, and through the application questions, we were encouraged to allow Christ to work through things in our hearts. We left with a better understanding of ourselves and each other.

Jacob & Shelby

This experience gave us an avenue to share our struggles with one another and keep each other accountable. Going through the process individually pushed us towards God and towards one another. It was a fun, engaging, and renewing process that we thoroughly enjoyed!

Tyler & DeLena

We had such a fun date night while doing a Marriage Session Kit. We loved the guided experience and time of reflection the session allowed. It helped each of us to really look inward, and we now have a physical reminder of our time spent in prayer and reflection.

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